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Production skills possessed backboard by personnel considered to be sufficient to support the production process printing, souvenirs and printing. Were obtained by self-taught skills developed beratahap by business groups. All personnel can perform the production process except design product design capabilities possessed only by two people. Tools and materials production is not a problem because access to goods and means of production can already be accessed in Ciamis, Tasikmalaya even if it is required of Bandung. It's just common difficulties if the main tools do not work well as a computer and printer for p erancangan or product design. Basic production techniques have been mastered by all existing personnel. However this has not been deemed sufficient for the development of better quality products with a higher market standard. One of the activities to improve production techniques personnel are visiting some screen printing production center as the center of screen printing production with grade distributions in London on July 3, 2011. During his stay in Bandung they obtain training on high production techniques good for small jobs or jobs party.